Joist and Beam End Repairs

Joist repair and beam repair

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For a Quotation call us on 01626 872886 with this information:

1. Width of the timber

2. Depth (or height) of the timber

3. Length of the part that you want to cut off, including an allowance for the piece in the wall (bearing end)

4. Type of timber in which the replacement piece is to be priced (e.g. Oak or a Softwood, like Pine)

5. How many you may need

6. The total span of the beam between the walls or supports (free span)

7. What the timber does - joist, carrier beam, lintol, rafter, tie beam etc.

Joist repair Timber Resin Splice kits

Holes drilled to take bars in a Joist End repair

E Mail me for help or send sketches, drawings or photographs to:

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Property Repair Systems

Care of H S Hire, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate,

Teignmouth, TQ14 9AE

T: 01626 872886


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